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The Trapper was designed to be a robust version of the woodlore Bushcraft knife, which through the years has been proven to be a one of the most trusted designs for outdoor Bushcraft enthusiasts. Despite being a much larger blade then it’s woodlore cousin, it maintains a well balanced feel that makes it capable of handling all of your Bushcraft tasks with ease.



The cutting edge of the Trapper exactly 5 inches and is 3/16 thick. It is beveled with a 20 degree scandi grind, and given a secondary micro bevel to improve edge strength and durability. The generous blade length of this drop point design gives you an advantage with batoning through thicker pieces of wood, and other cutting tasks where a larger blade is needed, yet still handles  whittling and finer detail work with ease. The spines of our blades are given a 90 degree edge for tinder scraping.


The shape of our handles have the reputation of being some of the most comfortable handles in the business. The Trapper like all of our custom knives are given a comfortable ergonomic coke bottle shape, which naturally contours to your hand, reducing hot spots and fatigue while in use. The Trapper has 5 inch handle, which makes a great fit for all hand sizes. It has a large lanyard hole that clears the palm while the knife is gripped. 


Along for being known for incredibly comfortable handles, we are also known for having an incredibly tough knife. Our blades are made in high carbon 01 tool steel. We heat treat and temper our knives to an RC of 59, which gives our blades incredible edge retention and performance.  


We use only the highest quality materials with our knives. We offer a wide range of different handle options. Some of the most ordered materials are California buckeye Burl, Ironwood, maple, ivory micarta, and cholla cactus.


Want your custom with materials other than offered on our site? Feel free to email your requests at 

Due to the high volume of orders, the typical turn around time on a custom order is 3 to 4 months.