XL Trapper Bushcraft knife

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The XL Trapper is designed as a heavy-duty bushcraft knife, capable of tackling the toughest field tasks while remaining versatile enough for finer tasks. Featuring a robust 6" blade and a 5" handle, this knife is crafted from durable 3/16" stock. The bottle-shaped ergonomic handle ensures maximum comfort during extended use. Available in either CPM154 stainless steel or O1 tool steel, each XL Trapper is professionally heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 59-60, guaranteeing exceptional durability and edge retention. Whether you’re facing demanding outdoor challenges or intricate bushcraft activities, the XL Trapper stands out as a reliable and resilient companion. Discover the strength and versatility of the XL Trapper, and find the perfect heavy-duty bushcraft knife for your needs.

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